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PEEWEE TEAM - McKinney Lions
2007/2008 Season

Head Coach
*CJ Niehoff
Scott Dagenais

Asst Coaches
Brett Ward
Robert Smith
Randy LeBlanc

Team Manager
Linda Stewart

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* Deganais served as Head Coach for most of the 07/08 Season. When he was relocated to Canada for work, CJ Niehoff took over the role of Head Coach for the last few games and will continue to coach Peewees next season.

With a year of rebuilding and uncertainties, the peewee squad overcame great obstacles and nurtured a constant  "never say die" mentality. It was obvious that they were on the right track with an overtime victory against their regular season rival Dallas Stars Selects team in the quarter finals of the NTXHL league. We at the MIHC will be looking for these guys in the future.

Team Roster
47  Mack Fitzgerald  Goalie
64  Justin Ball  Goalie
3  Clark Bailey  Forward
 6  Caleb Alderman  Defense
 12  Andy Dominguez  Defense
 13  Kolby DeGeorge  Forward
 15  Reid Offers  Forward
 19  Nick Daggett  Forward
 22  Drake Grier - Asst. Captain  Forward
 36  Ryan Doss  Forward
 38  Jacob Okelberry  Forward
 66  Alex S. Miller - Asst. Captain  Forward
68  Ty Holt - Captain  Defense
76  Brian Toney  Defense
88  Kyle Taylor  Defense