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MIHC Sponsorship and Fundraising Opportunities

McKinney Ice Hockey Club (MIHC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, believes hockey teaches players valuable life lessons through teamwork, discipline and hard work. By encouraging sportsmanship, respect, and community involvement, we continue to build those traits in growing strong young men and women.

MIHC is very excited about the upcoming 2017-2018 hockey season and would be extremely grateful to have your business participate in our sponsorship program this year. Unlike many sports teams that carry the McKinney banner, our ice hockey teams do not receive funding from the McKinney Independent School District and therefore are totally self-reliant for financial resources.

The Leaders of Tomorrow Need Your Help Today

The MIHC relies solely upon the parents, the local business community and financial support from fundraising programs. Local ice arenas charge over $400 per hour for ice time and the cost of travel and support is extensive. Help support not only the local area athletic programs, but also the young athletes that are the future of this area.

We are very appreciative of the local support received over the past several years from parents, businesses and valued hockey fans. It's a quickly growing community and it shows from the several thousand individual hits per month on our website which we link to our sponsors' home pages.

We are asking you to become a proud sponsor of the
McKinney Ice Hockey Club.


As a sponsor, you are supporting our youth and enabling the club to keep costs down. We look forward to seeing your business or family name on our banner, website, and game programs.

And don’t forget, your contribution is tax deductible.

In exchange for helping to defray the cost of helping these young athletes achieve their goals, we offer comprehensive sponsorship packages that will show your existing and potential customers that you share in the belief that civic pride is indeed city wide.

If you would like to become a MIHC sponsor, please contact Alisara Plyler at: 972-333-5002 or email her at:

The MIHC relies solely upon the local business community and the players’ parents for financial support. Help us to keep the future of this community on the right track.

Sponsorship Levels