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Yuriy Melnyk - Head Coach 12u AA & 10u AA

Tel. 863-207-0603


1989-1993 - Attended the Kiev State University of Physical and Sport, Ukraine and got a degree in Hockey Coaching.  

1991 - Completed the course and passed an examination in medical and segment-reflexive massage.           

1990 - Graduated from the Kiev Special School of Junior Olympics candidates in hockey.            

1989 - Graduated from the Kiev High School,Ukraine.


2016-2017 - 12u A Head Coach, McKinney North Stars

2016-2017 - 10u AA Head Coach, McKinney North Stars

2015-2016 - Peewee AA Head Coach, Texas Warriors 

2014-2015 - Squirt A Head Coach, Midget Minor A Head Coach, AAYHA

2013-2014 - Peewee A Head Coach, Midget Minor A Head Coach, AAYHA 

2012-2013 - Squirt A Assistant coach, AAYHA

2000-2012 - Part time coaching in the USA.

1998-2000 - Worked as hockey coach at Kiev Olympic Reserve Sport Center.

1997-1998 - Played hockey in the "Sokol" team, Kiev.

1996-1997 - Played hockey in the Ukraine Army team,during the military service.

1994-1996 - Attended the School of High Sport Merit,Kiev.

1989-1994 - Played hockey in the Kiev State University of Physical Education and Sport team.

1991 - The Annual Student Championship in hockey,Russia -2 Place.
1989 - National Hockey Championship of USSR among juniors - 3 Place.
1986 - International Hockey Championship in Finland - 1 Place.
1984-1989 - Champion of National Hockey Championship of Ukraine.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1972. Started playing hockey at the age of 7. During my studies at the Kiev Olympic Reserve Sport School I participated in many championships and attended the summer training camps every year. After graduation from High School I entered the University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine. During studies there played hockey in University team and participated in college tournaments.             In 1998 I started to work as hockey coach at Kiev Olympic reserve Sport Center.
COACHING PHILOSOPHY                         

My coaching philosophy is that hockey is not only a game or a sport. It's a life journey and a life time experience. Its a great way to build confidence, discipline, courage, persistence and respect as much as personal skills such as strength, speed and agility. As a coach I am looking for the individual qualities in players in order to have a stronger team. It is my job to establish trust and respect within the team. The coach and the player must be like-minded to achieve the goals.

It's essential to understand that developing talent and ability of a player requires systematic training with the couch. If a player isn't persistent in improving his physical conditions he will not rich his full potential. 
To be an exceptional hockey payer is to be able to combine talent, diligence and dedication to a sport of ice hockey.